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Watch the TV show "Party of Five." There are all sorts of things one can take a shot to.

For Claudia:
- every time she whines or cries

For Owen:
- every time he whines or cries
- if he gets 5 yrs older in a season
- if he says 'Diana'

For Charlie:
- if he shaves
- if he needs help from Kirsten

For Bailey:
- each time for sex in an episode
- each problem at the restaurant
- every time he throws $$$ away

For Julia:
- each new man
- each time she kicks out Griffin
- when she bitches at Claudia

For Griffin:
- each time he says something stupid

You, of course, can add your own rules to these. Don't get too drunk just from the whining that goes on.

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Added: 2002-12-30

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