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This is a fairly simple dice game once you get the hang of it. To start you need three dice total and 3 shot glasses for each person in the game. Fill each shot glass with your choice of hard liquor. When it's your turn you roll as many die as you currently have shots in front of you up to a max of 3 (to start you'll have 3).

0 Shots - Skip your turn
1 Shot - 1 die
2 Shots - 2 dice
3 or more - 3 dice

The dice determine what you do on each turn. Do the action below for each die that you rolled:

1 - Keep a shot
2 - Keep a shot
3 - Keep a shot
4 - Drink one of your shots and place glass in the middle
5 - Pass one of your shots to your left
6 - Pass one of your shots to your right
Three of a Kind - Give one shot to any person and have them drink it immediately.

Note: When you pass shots the person doesn't drink them immediately, they only drink when they roll a 4.

Example: If I rolled a 2, a 4, and a 6 then I would drink one shot and pass one to the person to my right.

No one is ever out of the game since you can always have shots passed to you. The game goes around in a circle until all shots except one are downed. That person must then roll one last time. If they roll a 1, 2, or 3 they can make anyone drink it. If they roll a 4 they must drink it and if they roll a 5 or 6 they pass it to the left or right respectively.

Variations - There are many ways to change this game here are a few suggestions.

Beer Mug Version:
Use beers instead of shots make the cups each have about 1/2 a beer.

Milder Version:
Either start with only 1 or 2 cups each or only roll one die each turn no matter how many shots you have in front of you. It slows the game down and in turn you drink much slower.

Mixed Drinks:
Obvisously if you don't like shots then you can make your favorite mixed drinks and fill cups with that.

Double It Up:
For this one put a big cup in the middle filled with a double shot. The game is the same except when you roll three of a kind you pour the shot into the cup instead. Now who drinks the cup is where it gets fun. When the one person has the last shot the rules change:

1,2, or 3 - Roll again
4 - Drink the middle cup
5 - Pass the last shot left
6 - Pass the last shot right

If the shot is passed that person has to do the same thing. This continues until some unfortunate soul rolls a four. Note: the person is allowed to fill the cup with a mix or chaser in order to drink. But don't let them take all day, you need to start another round.

This is a game I made up personally, any email comments are welcomed.

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