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The game is played by having two equal team on opposite side of the table of about 7-10 people. Everyone fills their beer 1/4 full, and the two people at the begginging cheers and begin.
You can't drink and flip the cup untill the person before you has gone.
The first team to finish wins and picks a player from their team, AND a player from the opposite team to go into the "inferno".

The inferno is a one cup round, cheers and drink then flip. The loser is out of the game.

This continues untill one team loses all player.
ANother catch is that every round the team must drink 10 cups. So one the losing side in the second round someone must drink twice before the team is done. When there is five players left on the team, each person must drink and flip 5 cups. The last person must then drink and flip 10 cups before they are done.

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