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For this game you will need a deck of cards (including the jokers) and at least six people. Cards are distributed to each person. The royal court consists of the King, Queen, Jack, and Joker. Everyone else is a peasant. The ace is described below. If two people receive the same royalty card, the higher suit receives the honor.

Suit Order: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs

The roles are as follows:

- King: Picks out the cards. Can tell anyone to drink, including himself. Can raise the taxes, meaning peasants go dry.

- Queen: Advises the King what to do. If the king doesn't like it, he can tell her to drink.

- Jack: Drinks every time the King drinks. If a Jack is drawn, he can tell someone to drink.

- Joker: Acts as a peasant. When a joker is drawn, however, he must finish his beer.

- Peasants: drink every time the king tells them to.

- Ace Man: Acts as a peasant, unless an ace is drawn - the rules for which are outlined below.

The king starts by picking a card. What happens depends on what card is drawn. The rules for the cards are outlined below:

- 2-10: The king decides whether the peasants will drink for that many seconds, or will go dry for that many rounds - this is called raising the taxes. He can also pick any person and have them drink for that many seconds. If he wants, he can choose to rest on the card and do nothing.

- Jack: The jack decides who drinks. He then draws a card and the person drinks for that many seconds.

- Queen: The queen draws a card and drinks for that many seconds. If another royalty card is drawn, then that person drinks with the queen for the number of seconds on the following card.

- King: He drinks for the number of seconds on the following card. If he draws a royalty card, that person drinks with him for that many seconds. The Jack person also has to drink.

- Joker: Joker tells joke and finishes his beer.

- Ace: If an ace is drawn, it is a peasant revolt. The Ace person and the King draw cards until one of them gets either an ace or a king. If the king picks an ace, or the ace person picks a king, then the king becomes a peasant, and the ace person becomes the king. If the king draws a king, or the ace person draws an ace, then the roles stay the same and the king finishes his beer in celebration.

If the roles change, than the ace person becomes king. When the next ace is drawn, the former king and the new king draw cards until either an ace or king is drawn. The rules are the same as before, except for that if the new king loses, then the queen becomes king, and both of the former kings become peasants. This works the same up to the jack. The game is over when the jack has become king and loses a peasant revolt.

Once the ace is drawn, the king and the ace man should immediately begin drawing cards. If one of them turns over multiple cards, all of them are nulled.

Special cards:

- Doubles: Everyone drinks for the number of seconds as the doubles.

- Double royalty: That person drinks for twice the number of seconds on the following card. If he draws another royalty, that person drinks with him. If he draws his own card a third time, he finishes his beer.

- Queen of Hearts: Queen finishes beer

- King of Spades: King finishes beer or queen becomes king, his choice. If queen becomes king, then ace man is nulled. - 2 of Clubs: Peasants all finish beer, Ace man becomes king

After cards are drawn, they are thrown in a discard pile. When the discard pile becomes larger than the original, or after a peasant war, the discard pile is shuffled into the original.

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