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The game is played normally. The rules go as follows:

· For every question answered wrong the player must drink
· For every question answered right the player can assign another player to drink. However, the player assigned to drink can challenge by asking for another question from the card (thus becoming the challenging player). The original player decides the question category. If the challenging player answers correctly then the original player must drink twice. If the challenging player answers incorrectly then the challenging player must drink twice.
· If the person being challenged is out of the room at the time play may continue, but must stop before a new player takes their turn. This allows for the number of challenge questions to pile up, and potentially backfire on the original player if the challenging player gets them all right.
· When someone wins all losers must finish their drinks and clean up the game. The player with the fewest pie pieces must finish the winners drink (finishing off a bottle if the winner is doing shots is at the discretion of those playing).
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