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There can be any number of people to play but they must be somewhere public. There are two ways to play: tournament or group. With tournanment, two people at a time play. Person 1 says "Penis" while person 2 says it louder and then person 1 says it louder, etc. until someone gives up or can't say it any louder or said it quieter than the other. The person that loses takes a predetermined amount of booze.

Group is almost the same thing but instead of having only two people playing, have as many as you want. Then you say "Penis" in a predetermined order and who ever loses drinks. It goes on and when there are 2 people left, you play best out of three.

The champion then has to go to 5 people saying "Have you seen my penis", if he or she fails, they have to take a triple shot of any hard liquior (i.e. vodka, whiskey, etc).

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