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This game is pretty easy to play and involves lots of drinking. To begin place all cards face down around a pitcher. Then, in turn, each player draws a card and follows the rules below:

- 2 is you - The person who drew it drinks
- 3 is a rule - Make a rule, anyone who breaks it drinks
- 4 is the floor - Last one to touch the floor drinks
- 5 is alive - Social, everyone drinks
- 6 is a category - Whoever screws up or repeats something has to drink
- 7 is heaven - Last person to raise their hand drinks
- 8 is straight - Person straight across from you drinks
- 9 is busta rhyme - Whoever can't think of one drinks
- 10 - Waterfall
- Jack - The person to your left drinks
- Queen - The person to your right drinks
- King - Pour as much beer as you want into the pitcher
- Ace - Whoever draws the 4th ace must drink the entire pitcher

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