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I've only played this with beer, it would kill you to do shots of hard alcohol! Here are the rules:

- Everytime you take a shot, take a drink
- If you scratch, take another drink
- If you sink somebody else's ball, take two extra drinks
- If somebody else sinks one of their balls, take a drink
- Sink the eightball before (not on the last shot), finish whatever you have
- If you loose, other than sinking the eight ball, take three drinks

You keep playing another round until everybody is to sloshed to play anymore, if you're really bad like me, it doesn't take that long.

To make the game a little more interesting, it is easily turned into "Strip Pool". The rules are:

- If you scratch it costs you a piece of clothing
- Sink somebody else's ball, it costs you a piece of clothing
- Loose the game, it costs you two pieces of clothing
- Bathroom breaks cost you a piece too

This is a great game after a round or two of the other game...

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