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Make a pyramid shape with the cards with 5 cards at the bottom and 1 card at the top. The player must turn over a card in every row and get to the top card without turning over a face card or an ace.

The scores for each card are as follows:

- 2-9 - Nothing
- 10 - 1 sip, but you may carry on
- Jack - 2 sips
- Queen - 3 sips
- King - 4 sips
- Ace - 5 sips

If the player turns over a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace they must start all over again and all used cards must be replaced! The deck gets reshuffled continuously. Warning, it can get very depressing when you get to the top only to find an Ace!

Special Rule: The player must be warned that they are not allowed to quit no matter how long it takes. I have personally seen this game take over an hour to get out!

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