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This game is traditionally played with beer, sitting down at a table in a circle.

Each player is assigned a rocks glass placed directly in front of them in the center of the table, with one community cup in the center.

Each cup is filled 1/3 with beer.

Rule #1 - Before bouncing your quarter you must call out the name of a player at the table. If you make it, they have to drink the cup, if you miss you are not penalized.

Rule #2 - You may also call out "kamikaze" and a player's name. If you make it the player you called must drink the center "kamikaze" cup which was filled, to any level by the person who drank it previously, in addition to their own cup. If you miss then you must drink the kamikaze cup and your own cup.

Rule #3 - You may also call super-kamikaze, in which each player has to drink their cups if you make it. If you miss however, you must drink every cup at the table.

Rule #4 - In the event of a natural disaster, the game is canceled.
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