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You need a deck of cards but not a full deck. Take out everything except 7 through King. Place all cards face down on a table in random order. Sit in a circle and follow these directions.

One person grabs one card at a time. Go in a clockwise order. If they pull:

  • 7 - they drink
  • 8 - everybody drinks
  • 9 - person to the left drinks
  • 10 - person to the right drinks
  • Jack - person right across from you drinks
  • Queen - whoever selects a queen chooses a category and the first person to mess up drinks

Example: Category = American cars. Go around the circle naming American cars. Whoever can't think of one must drink.

  • King - Get a tall glass or cup. If one selects a king, you must pour beer or whatever everyone is drinking into the cup (as much or as little as you want to put in). The person who pulls the last king from the stack has to drink the entire cup. Remember you might be the one to have to drink the cup so wage moderately.
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