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Combining alchohol with Disney movies? Always a good decision! Of course for this you just need drinks (up to you, depending on what kinda buzz you want) and Finding Nemo. Here's when you drink:

-Any time Dory gives Nemo a wrong name
-Whenever Marlin tries to tell his bad joke
-Any mention of Nemo's "Lucky Fin"
-Whenever Peach tries to talk while stuck to the glass
-Anytime somebody says "Sandy Plankton"
-Any time Bloat puffs up (including during the credits)
-When the "Psycho" music plays over an image of Darla
-Whenever a new character is introduced
-If there's one Seagull "mine" take a drink, if there's a lot of "mine"s (like towards the end) then chug!

-Or if you want to drink a lot, anytime anybody says "Nemo"
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