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Set Up:
1 Beer Pong Table
96 KEG Cups per Side
2 Cases of Beer per Side
4 Players total (2 per team)
2 Ping-pong balls

With Two players per side, line up 96 keg cups for you team in block fashion on the table. (*note - Number of cups per side vaires with size of table) The only seperation between the opposing teams side should be one row of empty cups.

Proceed to evenly distribute the 2 cases of beer within your 96 cups until both cases are in the cups.

One team starts with both balls and shoots on the opposing teams cups. (And for Heavens sake their are NO blowouts, otherwise this game would take too dang long.) The other team then proceeds to shoot after first team has shot.

Cups are not re-racked as in regular Beer-Pong Fashion otherwise it wouldn't be called Blackout, which in turn makes the game Challenging.

So have fun, follow the regular beer pong rules; ie no blowouts, bounce backs, and cookies. But instead of Cookies, If the second shooter for your team sinks it into the same cup your teammate shot into, the opposing team drinks 3 total cups.

Games typically last an hour or so and, and are always fun to play with your Fraternity bros on an off night of drinking.
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