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This is a version of Catagories, with a little different card variations.

Materials: Deck Of Cards(No Jokers)
At Least a 30 pack of beer.
4+ Players, With Girls
A Pretty Good Sized Glass In The Middle

You Spread All The Cards Face Down In The Middle Of The Table. You Go One At A Time Picking A Card In A Clockwise Direction.

2 - 2 Is For You - You Make Some One Take 2 Drinks

3 - 3 Is For Me - The Drawer Takes 3 Drinks

4 - 4 Is For Whores - All The Girls Take 4 Drinks

5 - 5 Up High - When The Card Is Pulled, Everyone Must Put Their Hand In The Air, Last One To Do So Must Take 5 Drinks.

6 - 6 Is For Dicks - Every Guy Must Take 6 Drinks

7 - 7 Drink Till Your In Heaven - Chug Whats Left In Your Beer.

8 - 8 pick a mate - Pick A Person Of The Opposite Sex To Drink 8 Drinks With You.

9 - 99 Busta Rhymes - The Drawer Make Up a sentence lets say (Im Drinkin a beer) and then the next person must rhyme With Beer, It goes around till someone messes up. If it goes all the way around back to you, then you can change the word if you wish. This gets really entertaining when you get really drunk.

10 - Catagories - Drawer Picks a catagory (shoes) and then you go around and people say a shoe brand, the person who messes up takes 10 drinks.

J - Thumb Master - The person with the most recent jack is the thump master. He puts his thumb on the table, and the last person to do so, must take 10 drinks.

Q - Make A Rule - The person gets to make a rule, they must abide by their own rule as well, anyone can catch someone at this. Some of my favorite rules are (Can't Cuss, Cant Drink With Your Right Hand, Cant say drink drank or drunk, Cant Say Someones Name, May not look at the person you are talking to) you can get some good fun in on these.

K - Beer - This is where the glass comes in. The first 3 kings that get picked up, you the person who draws the king puts beer into the cup in the middle, the person who draws the last king, has to chug the beer that was placed in the mug. if you do not finish it in the chug, then another beer may be added.

A - Waterfall - Everyone puts there beer up to each other and says cheers. no one may stop drinking there beer until the person to the left of them puts theirs down. starting with the person who drew, he/she is the person who stops first.
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