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Everyone sits at a table, and takes turns rolling two six-sided dice. Direction of play starts counter-clockwise. With each roll there is an effect, one for each individual die, and possibly one for the combination of them.

Single-Die Effects:
1 = Roller Drinks
2 = The Bitch Drinks (we'll get to that later)
3 = Person to Your Left Drinks
4 = Person to Your Right Drinks
5 = Social, Everyone Drinks
6 = You Pick 1 Person to Drink

So, for starters, say you roll a 1 and a 5. Then you would have to drink, and then everyone would -- so you'd drink twice. Now we move on to the fun of the game, the extra effects. Every set of doubles means something, as well as some other combos. So after you take care of the single-roll effects, you move on to these...

Combination Effects:
1 & 1 = Remove an Item of Clothing
2 & 2 = You Become the Bitch (drink whenever a 2 is rolled)
3 & 3 = You Become the Tusk-Master (see below)
4 & 4 = Make A Bet (see below)
5 & 5 = Make Up A Rule for the Rest of the Game (Ex: if you say "drink" you have to drink)
6 & 6 = You Become the Rezalution (see below)
1 & 2 = Bitch sits in roller's lap (or vice versa if absolutely necessary)
3 & 4 = Direction of turns changes
2 & 6 = Bitch and Rezalution switch places

So if you rolled a 1 & 1, not only do you have to drink twice, but now you also have to remove an item of clothing. If you roll a 3 & 4, then the people to your immediate left and right drink, and then the turns go backwards.

Special Things:

The Tusk-Master (Double 3's) - Whenever Tusk-Master says "tusk" everyone must touch the nose of someone else at the table. The last person to do it has to drink for 3-5 seconds. Tusk-Master can only say the word once per round (dice go all the way around the table). Feel free to substitute "tusk" for any word, it doesn't matter. We use "tusk" after an inside joke of the game designer.

Make a Bet (Double 4's) - When you make a bet, you choose one person. Then you propose something that either you can do, or they can't. (Ex: say the alphabet backwards in less than a minute). Whoever loses has to finish their drink. Or if you're feeling confident enough, you can raise the stakes to your desire.

The Rezalution (Double 6's) - Rezalution is basically the allmighty power of the game. They can tell anyone to drink at any time, and they have full power over the Bitch. Now this doesn't entitle them to demanding that the Bitch strip or anything, but Bitch has to get them drinks, and other things like that. You want to be careful though, because the Rezalution and The Bitch can switch places rather easily.

Extra Suggestions:

If you spill your drink or roll the dice off the table, you remove an item of clothing PERMANENTLY.

This is an interesting rule I've been toying around with. Chose either 7 or 8 in the beginning of the game. Then, whenever someone rolls two dice that total that number, you can take 1 item of clothing off of anyone you chose. This means you can wear it if you'd like. Since these totals are so easy to roll, there should be a lot of trading going on.


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