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you need at least 5 players for this game to be fun. Whoever starts off will say either to my left or to my right and then says 1. Whoever was to the right/left of them must say two. However, if you say 2 numbers in a row, the direction is reversed and if 3 numbers are said in a row by the same person, it skips one person and moves to the next. The aim of the game is to get to 21, which is easy in the first round, once you get to 21 you have a communal drink and whoever said 21 gets to make up a rule.
for example they could say that instead of saying 15 you have to shout penis. The more times you get to 21 the more rules there are and the more confusing it gets. If someone messes up they take a drink and start back at 1.
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