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This is a 2 vs 2 quarters variation game. The teams sit across from each other on a table. Two lines of 4 cups each are put in the middle of the table, about a foot apart like this:


The game uses 2 quarters. Each team picks a side of the coin. One team is HEADS and the other is TAILS. The coins are flipped to decide who gets the quarters for begining play. Once the quarters are assigned. Play begins by trying to sink the "battleship" that is in front of the other team by bouncing the quarters in the cups and following the rules below.

- Your teams "battleship" makes up an imaginary line, you can only bounce the quarter from behind or on this line that your teams ship is on.

- If the quarter lands behinds a team's ship line, it is that team's quarter. If it lands in the middle it goes to the team that is named its side. (Note: if quarter is spinning you may slam it down to speed up the game to see what it is.

- You may not use the quarter until the drink it was sunk in is fully drunk.

- Once a drink is finished you must replace it in the spot it was originally in. (Note: while you teammate is drinking you may shoot in between the cups for a better angle..."Shooting the Gap")

- The winning team is the team that sinks each cup in the other team's "battleship"..."you sunk my battleship!"

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