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A variation of quarters. Two teams with the same number of people line up on opposite sides of a table. Each team member has a cup filled with beer in front of them, plus there is a big pitcher (jug, fishbowl, whatever) in the center filled with beer.

The two teams begin with the first person on each team trying to get their quarter into one of their team's cups. Once they do, they pound the beer and pass the quarter to the next team member.

Play continues until everyone on a side has pounded their beers, then each playwer on the team, in order, attempts to bounce the quarter into the jug in the center. Whichever team gets the quarter into the center jug first, wins and the losers must finish all the beer in their cups as well as the entire pitcher.

Gets you very fucked up, but also gets beer everywhere. Have paper towels on hand to wipe up the splashed and sloshed beer. Very fun and everyone gets loaded.

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