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Ok, I have a different set of rule that I like better. This beer die is 1 vs. 1 action. You need:
1 die
2 players
2 cups at least 12 oz
2 chairs
a long table (coffee tables work great)
masking tape

1. Mark halfway on the table with the tape.
2. Set chairs on opposite ends of the short sides of the table.
3. Fill up your cup with a beer

Now the game begins.

Each player starts with 0 points and "biz" drinks. "Biz" is the word that you say for five during the entire game. If you say five at any point during the game, you lose a drink. Once you get down to zero drinks, you have to finish your cup of beer.

Alright, here's how you score. You must throw the die above your head height-wise, and it must hit the table past the halfway mark. It must bounce at least once (if you do not do any of these, you lose a drink), and then it is up to your opponent to catch it as it bounces/rolls off the table. However, the opponent cannot catch the die when it is directly above the table. If they do, the other person is awarded a drink. Anytime a score is awarded, the other player loses a drink. Another way to score is to "cup" the other person, you score a point, but they do not lose a drink, they automatically have to finish their beer and reset to biz drinks. First one to five wins. You cannot use two hands when you catch the die, nor can you trap the die against your body, if you do this, you lose a drink. You also lose a drink if your die stays on the table. Also, you lose a drink if another player hits the side of your cup, and you don't catch it before it hits the ground, but you will not lose a point. First player to biz wins, must win by two.
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