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This game requires a bit of preparation, but is well worth it.

You must plot a path around the world visiting as many countries as possible. You path must follow national boundaries. When crossing the sea, you may wish to visit an uncharted island and have any drink you want.

A visit to a country constitutes the consumption of a drink that is produced there. If you want you can restrict this to only beers or liquors.

This game may be played in one place if the bar is well stocked but may also be played as a pub-crawl were each bar is a country. Planning a route that optimises countries/bars and drinks will take a bit of preparation.

Scoring: Score 1 point for each country visited. Score double if you down-in-one a large drink or the drink is particultarly potent/hard to drink.

Example: Germany - Rumplemintz; France - Green Chartreuse; Switzerland - Goldschalger

If you are particularly well-organized you could make passports to be stamped by bar-staff allowing people to split up into parties with their own routes and an agreed finishing place.

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