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Required: 2 decks of cards (one with all 2's removed), beer, and people.

Game: This is a game which is based on combinations of suits. It might seem tame at first, but there's the potential to drink a ton.

Play: Take all of the 2's out of one deck and set them aside for later. It's out of this deck that each player is given 8 cards (it doesn't matter who deals these). The player with the highest diamond is dealer first (they use the deck(s) with the 2's in it to deal from here on). The player to the dealer's left starts by laying down a card of their choice and then receives a card from the dealer. The combo of the suits does something. The card that the player puts down is the one that decides the penalty, if it is a give or take. Unless noted: 3-8=1 sip, 9-A=2 sips (no one should be dealt a 2, they should only be in the dealer deck). Dealer continues until they have dealt everyone (including themselves) a card, and then the person to their left becomes dealer. Play continues until no one has any cards left. All played cards should be left face up on the table for other players to see.

Here's the penalties:
-Heart+Heart: "love," player and dealer drink (remember, amount determined by the card player puts out, which will be worth 1 or 2, not card received by dealer)
-H+Diamond: "gift," player gives
-H+Spade: "snake," player gives double
-H+Club: "broken heart," player drinks double
-Diamond+Diamond: "diamonds are forever," player must drink for every diamond on the table, plus every D that comes out afterwards, including their own (hence, the name). This is broken if they get another 2 D's (but they still have to drink for the one they put out)
-D+Spade: "thief," player drinks
-D+Club: "keep away," player gives
-Club+Club: "luck 'o the Irish," social
-C+Spade: "caught stealin," same as "diamonds are forever" except player drinks for clubs
-Spade+Spade: "black plague," this is a waterfall (everyone starts drinking, player 2 can't stop til player 1 does, player 3 can't stop til 2 does, player 4 til 3, etc. The person who can stop first is the player who got the 2 S's. Anyone can stop if they finish their beer)

Additional rules:
-dealer must drink the RANK if they give a player a matching card (Ex. J to J). Here, 10=10, j=11, Q=12, etc. If it's on "love," the amount doubles. If it happens when they deal themselves, the amount doubles. This doesn't affect the suits, the penalty still goes.
-2's are the wild cards of the deck, it's the color of the card that matters:
-if the colors are different (red w/ black), the player must drink double the RANK of the card they put out(9=9, 10=10, j=j, etc.). There is no suit penalty here.
-if colors match, player gets to make a rule (no names, no cursing, no saying "drink," thumb rule, etc.). However, they cannot change the rules of the game, which menas they can't change rotation, penalties, or get out of "D's are forever" or "caught stealin." Also, they can't take any player's cards from their hand, but the played cards are fair game (this will make sense in a second) so they can exchange D's for S's, etc. Again, the suit penalty doesn't apply with the 2.

End of Game:
Each player adds the RANK of each card of each suit, 3-10=face value, J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=14 (do them one at a time for simplicity). If there is a tie, the player with the highest card in the suit (Ex. Ace) wins it. Each winner draws one of the 2's that was put aside earlier. The order of the draw is winner of S, H, D, then C. They can't look until all four are drawn. The winners of Spades and Hearts get to give out the total # of the suit they have (Ex. if H winner has an Ace, 10, 5, and 3 they give out 32 sips, re:A=14, K=13, Q=12, J=11 here, all other cards are face value). The "winners" of Diamonds and Clubs have to TAKE their #s (Ex. if D winner has cards that add up to 32, they drink 32). If the suit of the 2 they picked matches the suit they won, the give or take doubles.

This game is ideal for 4-6 players, but more can certainly play, just add extra decks. However, no player should be dealt a 2, they are only given by the dealer. Wait until someone gets "Diamonds are forever" or wins Clubs, then you'll get the name. Have fun!
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