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Required: deck of cards, beer, and people

Game: This is a variation of suits that is much more fun. Whether you drink a lot or none is based on luck.

Play: A dealer is selected (it can be whoever). They will give one card at a time to each player (including themself) after asking a question which the player guesses at. For each correct guess, the player gives a certain amount of sips. For each wrong, they take.
-1st round: "red or black?", player guesses whether card will be red or black. Give/Take is 2.
-2nd round: "higher or lower?", player guesses whether next card will be higher or lower than the card they got in round 1. Ace is always high. If it is the same, they take double. Give/Take is 4.
-3rd round: "inside/outside?", player guesses if next card will be between the 2 they have or outside of them (Ex. 10 is inside J and 2, A is outside K and 4). If it is the same as either card, it's wrong and they take double. Give/Take is 6.
-4th round: "suit?", player guesses the suit of next card. Give/Take is 8.
-Final round: The remaining cards are laid out in two even rows like so:
The x's are the give row and the o's are the take. The dealer flips the 1st x, then the 1st o, and so on until are cards are flipped. You have to give or take if the card flipped is the same as one of the four you have in front of you. The amounts go up by 2's, so the 1st Give and Take is 2, the 2nd is 4, the 3rd is 6, etc. Have fun!
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