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This game is played while watching your favorite college basketball team. It is best played with 2-3 players. The game works by everyone "drafting" two players before the game starts. These will be the players that earn you the right to give or take drinks. The drinks are given/taken as follows:

When one of your players:
1. Gets a rebound-you give 3 drinks to any other players.
2. Gets a steal/block-you give 5 drinks to any other players.
3. Scores a field goal-pass out 5 drinks to the other players. (Free Throws=1 drink.)
4. Has an assist-you get to pass out 3 drinks.

When one of your players:
1. Turns the ball over you drink three yourself.
2. Commits a foul you drink:
a. 5 for an offensive foul
b. 3 for a defensive foul

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