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Alright heres a nice little game called Ring of Fire. You make a ring of cards face down. One player picks up a card and follows the rules (mentioned below). After the rule is done, the player discards the card and the person to the left picks up a card, and so forth and so on.

Here are the rules:

2(Two is for you) - Player hands the card to any person and that person must drink.

3(Three is for me) - Player drinks

4(Four is for whores) - All girls drink

5(Social) - Everyone drinks

6(Six is for dicks) - All guys drink

7(Thumbmaster) - Player places their thumb on the table and everyone must put their thumb down afterwards. Last person to put down their thumb drinks. Thumbmaster may place their thumb down at anytime until another 7 is picked up and a new thumbmaster is appointed.

8(Hands up) - Player raises his/hers arms in the air. Last person who raises their arms drinks.

9(Nines a rhyme) - Player says a word and the person left of him/her must rhyme with it and so on and so forth. The person who can't think of a rhyme drinks.

10(Rule) - Player thinks of a rule. Examples: Must say moose before drinking, can't say words that start with E, has to light a cigarette in their nose. If a player fails to follow a rule, he/she must drink.

Jack(Gesture) - Player makes up a gesture that the other players must follow before they drink. Examples: Rub hair, pick nose, slap thigh.

Queen(Question) - Player asks another person a question, and if that player answers the question, that person must drink.

King(Category) - Player thinks of a category. Examples: Cars, drinks, sex positions. Player says a thing that is in that category ( Exanples: hard drinks, Wild Turkey, Bacardi, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker.) and other players must go on until someone messes up. That person drinks.

Ace(Waterfall) - Everyone starts drinking. Players can't stop drinking until the person to their right stops drinking. The player who picked up the card must finish first before anyone else can finish.

Final Rule - Whoever breaks the circle of cards must finish their beer

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