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Can be played with any Mario Party videogame on N64 or Gamecube. Here are the rules:

1) Person with the lowest roll on each turn takes a shot of beer.
2) If you land on Bowser, take a shot of beer.
3) If you get a star, everyone else takes a shot of beer.
4) In a regular 4 person game at the end of each round, the winner doesn't have to take a shot of beer, everyone else does.
5) In a 2 on 2 mini game, the losing team takes 2 shots each.
6) In a 1 on 3 mini game, if the solo person wins, each member of the losing team takes a shot of beer. If the team of 3 wins the solo person takes 3 shots of beer.
7) In a Battle Game, 4th place takes 3 shots, 3rd place takes 2 shots, 2nd place takes 1 shot and first takes none.

If you are good at Mario Party, you won't get very wasted. If you are bad, you may have 5 beers in about 30 minutes. Add your own rules as they apply, each version differs slightly.
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