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Basically Lefties as posted on here but with a couple extra rules.
The rules are as follows:
1)You must drink with your non-dominant hand. If you're caught drinking otherwise chug your drink or take a shot.
2)You must know where your drink is at all times. If you lose your drink this is abuse of alcohol, chug what's left (if enough as decided by majority of people and if it's been found) or take a shot.
3)If you spill your drink or if you spill someone elses drink this is also abuse of alcohol, chug your drink (if enough as decided by majority of people) or take a shot.
4)Complaining or arguing when caught breaking a rule causes you to have to do an extra shot 'cause your a whiny bitch.

It's usually best to have people write their names on their cups so you can know for sure who's lost their drink.
Accelerates quickly once the night really gets into it and then will tail off as most people are too tanked to pay attention to who's breaking the rules.
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