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Game is simple, sit in a circle boy, girl, boy, girl. Rolls are as follows:
  • 2 - kiss anyone you want, if he/she is not willing then he/she must down his/her beer
  • 3 - drink one
  • 4 - nothing (roll ends)
  • 5 - beer bitch, you must get a beer for anyone who needs a beer. You can be told to drink by anyone.
  • 6 - Sex Master (see rules below) roll ends
  • 7 - Kiss the person to the right of you and the person to the left drinks
  • 8 - nothing (roll ends, you must drink)
  • 9 - social (everyone drinks)
  • 10 - nothing (roll ends)
  • 11 - kiss the person to your left and the person to the right drinks
  • 12 - drink 12

The Sex Master can rearrange how people are sitting. He/She can also demand that the players take off some clothes. No more than two articles of clothes taken off for one person each time around the circle. The player must leave these clothes off until he/she becomes the Sex Master.

The Sex Master also can make anyone drink at anytime. The only down side to being Sex Master is you can not pair off anyone with yourself. You can not be caught making out with anyone when you are the Sex Master except when you roll a 7 or 11. If you roll a 2 when you are the Sex Master then you must drink and pick a new Sex Master. You do not get to kiss anyone at this time.

Doubles - split the dice up between two players (male and female) if they roll doubles then you drink the amount they roll, if they don't they drink the amount of what they rolled and they must kiss. You may not give the dice to the Sex Master!

This game is loads of fun. Enjoy!

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