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This is my fav game!!!
its simply called 21.. rules are easy, sitting in a circle of 3 or more players (the more the funnier), one person starts off with saying "1", the next says "2" and so on until you reach 21... the person that lands on 21 must replace any number from 1 - 21 with any word.. (eg, replace 3 with cat) the game then continues on e.g 1.. 2...cat...4 this continues until the next person lands on 21 and can replace another letter for a word. the more words replacing numbers the harder it gets!
if someone makes a mistake by forgetting a word.. or continuing on counting without saying the replaced word for that number has to skull.
eg last time i played it ended up "1...karl...hairy...4....balls...small...penis...8 etc" (its so funny to record it and listen to it the next day!!!)
cheers, have fun!!!
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Category: Verbal
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Added: 2008-08-30

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