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Arguably one of the best drinking games, because it requires no skill, but you get completely schmammered.

1. Dealer lays down cards (1 layer), face down, in a pyramid form (rows = 5,4,3,2,1).

The bottom row of 5 cards is the "2 second" level. The row of 4 is "4 seconds." The row of 3 is "6 seconds".....so on and so forth.

2. Dealer then deals out the rest of the deck to the players, starting to his/her left.

3. Dealer begins the game by flipping over the bottom left card of the bottom row.

4. If a player has the same number, they lay it down on top, and tell another player to drink the designated seconds. If they have 2 cards, they can make the person drink double (or triple), or split it between two (three) players.

5. After the first number is played, the game continues (left to right, bottom to top) through the levels.

However, a number can only be played once, and only the first time it comes up on the pyramid. If 3 has been played, and another 3 is turned over, you skip to the next card in line.

6. Whoever has the most cards left after going through the pyramid (it could be more than one person), must then RIDE THE TRAIN.

7. Dealer shuffles and lays out 7 cards, face down.

8. Dealer then flips over the cards, starting from the left.

Face cards are key. Jacks are 1 second, Queen 2, King 3, and Ace 4 seconds.

BUT, the dealer also places the same number of new cards down as well.

The RIDE is over when the dealer gets through all the cards on the table, without hitting a face card, or the deck is exhausted. If the last card of the deck is a face card, the dealer shuffles and we do it again.

I rate this game as "high," only because of the potential for the RIDER to get off easy, although that doesn't happen all too often.
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