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Play with as many players as you want. Designate a driver, this person will get the most wasted. Each person draws a card from the deck. This is your number but if you pull an ace or face card, draw again. The driver then draws 20 cards from the deck.

If your number is pulled, then you are in the car. When face cards are pulled, Ace gets 4 drinks, King gets 3, Queen gets 2, and Jack gets 1. Also when these cards are pulled you take out the same number of cards off the main deck as drinks. For instance if you pull a K the driver and anyone else in the car takes 3 drinks plus pull out 3 more cards from the main deck. But remember if your card is pulled while you're in the car, then you're out of the car until your number is pulled again.

Usually you'll go through the whole deck and the driver ends up being hammered. Then you switch drivers.

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