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This game is ideally played with 4-10 people and 1 deck of cards. Each player needs their own drink and hands.

The game begins with 10 cards face down. The player to the right of the dealer (the person who laid out the cards) begins. He flips over cards of his choice until he hits either a Jack, Queen, King, or an Ace. For every red card flipped up the player takes two drinks, for every black card the player gives two drinks out. If the last card flipped is a Jack, one additional card is placed face down, if a Queen, then 2 additional cards are placed face down, if a King, then 3 additional cards are placed face down, if an Ace then 4 additional cards are placed faced down.. The game is continued to the right until the board is entirely face up.

At this point the player who flipped the last card face up gives two drinks per face card/ace showing.

This game should get you mighty drunk mighty quick. Enjoy fellow alcoholics.
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