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A variation of beer pong (beirut) in which the bottom pyramid is formed of 10 cups in 4 rows, with 6 cups arranged on top in a 3 row pyramid. This is easily seen in person but difficult to explain. Then a 2 row pyramid of 3 cups is placed atop that, and finally one cup on top of the whole thing. That's 20 cups, each approximately 1/4 full. If a cup is knocked from a higher level and lands in one on a lower level, the team drinks both.

A common variation is to have bounce shots worth two cups, the second at the defending team's choosing, but at the same time the defending team is allowed to swat away the bounce shot. Another common rule is that if one player sinks a ball and the other sinks his ball in the same cup before it is removed, the game ends immediately.

The cups are rearranged or "reracked" at intervals determined by the players, and the cups have to be adjusted whenever a ball goes in cup on a low level.

By convention, the losing team drinks all of the beer left on the table.
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