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First, sit in a circle. The eldest person playing starts the game. He/She says the name of any animal. You can be as specific as you like. However, be careful of those who will try to say the same animal, but they word it differently. Then, the person to the right then says an animal that's first letter is the last letter of the last animal said. Then, the next person does the same. For Example:

- 1st person: "caT"
- 2nd person: "TigeR"
- 3rd person: "RabbiT"
- 4th person: "ToucaN"

No animal can be said twice. Once it was said, it can't be used until the next game. Also, if they cannot think of any remaining animals or give up, they must take 1 shot. As the game progresses it becomes particularly hard to think of an animal that was not already said, making shooting more frequent. Once a person takes 6 shots, they are out of the game. Last one remaining wins.

When a player says an animal that is debatable, take a vote. Do not penalize them if the animal is not excepted because many animals can go either way.

Note: think of animals that end in a letter that you know there are few animals that start with that letter. For example, Lynx, I usually save this bad-boy for when we are getting into it. I can't think of one animal that starts with the letter X!!!

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