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The game is kind of like Kings, only with dice.
Put a cup in the center. Everyone gets two small pieces of paper and writes down two secrets, folds them, and puts them in the cup. Everyone should have a cup, but make sure other players can't see how much there is in their drink.

The rules are:
If you roll a...
3 - Drink, Drank, Drunk - Whoever rolls this is refrained from using these words for the duration of the game until someone else rolls it, if they do they have to drink for 10 seconds.
4 - Alias - Whoever rolls this comes up with new nicknames for everyone. For example, Mary can be Slutbag and Joe can be Cockbreath, etc. Whenever someone in the game doesn't use these nicknames, they have to drink however many sips the person who rolls the 4 says. If the roller doesn't do the rules, then he/she drinks for however many seconds the other players say. *Exception - the beer bitch, who is already given a nickname.*
5 - Beer bitch. Whoever rolls this has to get the drinks for other players until the next 5 is rolled. However, whoever needs the drink has to call the person the beer bitch for that time or else they are now the beer bitch.
6 - Blow job - Whoever rolls this has to drink their drink without using their hands, only their mouth. If they can't do it or they spill, they have to finish the rest of their cup while the rest of the players yell slut, whore, skank, etc.
7 - Sentences - Whoever rolls this starts with a word. The play goes clockwise with everyone saying only one word to form a sentence. If someone uses a word that doesn't make sense, that player has to drink for 10 seconds. (Ex. - player one says "I", player two says "love", player three says "to", player four says "he", and then has to drink because it doesnt make sense.
8 - Thumbmaster - whoever rolls this has the power to put their thumb secretly over their cup at anytime during the game. Players have to notice this throughout the game, and if they don't and they are the last person to put their thumb down, they have to drink for 10 seconds.
9 - One Beer queer - Whoever rolls this picks someone to drink with them. Whoever finishes first calls out One Beer Queer! For the remainder of the game (until someone rolls a 9 again and theres another one beer queer), whenever someone else drinks, the queer has to drink too.
10 - Social - everyone drinks. Person who rolled it has to make a toast.
11 - Beer Bitch's revenge. The beer bitch gets to make someone drink for 11 seconds. If there is no bitch, the person who rolled the 11 has to drink for 11 seconds.
12 - Drink my ass! - Person to roll this has to drink everyone's ass (the rest of their drinks). Everyone can scream drink my ass if they so choose. This is when the game ends.

Doubles - Pick a peice of paper from the cup and read it out loud. Take a guess of who you think it is. If you're right, then the person's who secret it is has to drink. If you're wrong, you have to drink, and you put the paper back in the cup.
Snake eyes - same as above

Save the remainder secrets for the next game!
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