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To play this game you will need 4 players, 2 ping pong balls, and a ping pong table. Each team goes to an end of the table and sets up their cups like this. Be sure to use the 2 satelites on the corners of the table. Each cup is filled 1/4 with beer.

x x
x      x x x      x

Each team takes turns throwing the ping pong balls into the opposite cups. If a shot is made, the other team must drink the cup. Then set the cups up so they are all touching again. The game continues until one of the teams has made all the cups. When the last cup is made, the cup is not drank until after the "retaliation". For the retaliation, both balls return to the team with no cups left. They get to shoot both balls, if they make a cup they remain alive with that one cup left. If they miss both shots, the game is over.

The winning teams stays and takes on the next two challengers.

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