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As many people as you want can play, but its best for about 3 to 4 people. Kind of a pre-party drinking game to start the night.Each person needs 4 beers of their choice.pick someone to start the game: the 1st person must pick a song to drink to, then once the song starts they start drinking, they must finish the beer in 4 drinks before the song ends. then the next person does the same thing. once everyone has finished their first beer, it starts over and now you have to finish your beer in three drinks, then 2, then finally by pounding the last beer. obviously there are 4 rounds with everyone choosing their song to drink to. you usually save your favorite jam to pound to, its funny to see what song people pick for their final drink. after the game is over, the party starts.
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Added: 2008-08-29

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