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Fuck You

Cards are valued as follows
A= take one drink
2= take two drinks
3= take three drinks
4= dealer drinks
5= people to the left and right of you drink
6= person to your right drinks
7= bathroom card - no one can leave the table until this card is played
8= fuck you card - person must drink twice what they gave you
9= person to your left drinks
10= social
J= give one drink
Q= give two drinks
K= give three drinks

Dealer deals one card at a time face up to each person. The only cards that don't take effect immediately are the 7s and 8s. These cards can be kept for as long as the player wishes and only get shuffled back in the deck once they are used. This game can get pretty nasty when multiple 8s are involved. For example: You give 3 to someone, they play an 8, now you drink six. Play your 8, now they drink 12. Really starts to suck when you forget who has the 8s. You can also trade 7s and 8s. Deal rotates to the left after every round.
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