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You need 1-2 dice for this game. The game works best with 6 players but more or less can be done.

Assign each player a number from 1-6. If you have more than six players have some players double up a number. If you have less than six players then number the players from 1-x. The extra numbers will be social numbers.

Have someone role the first die. This number will be who drinks. Role the second die. This will be how many drinks are taken. Then pass the dice to the left and repeat the rolling. (ie. A 2,5 would mean that person 2 would drink 5 drinks.)

For added fun if doubles are rolled then the number rolled is the number of social drinks. If a player rolls a die off of the table they have to drink the number of drinks with the person. If they rolled their own number after rolling the die off the table then they drink double the drink die.

Keep circling the table until everyone is nice and drunk.
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