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This game is to be played while watching one or more episodes of everyone's favorite show, "The Simpsons". The rules are simple, whenever something listed below happens, take as many drinks as the event is assigned.

Take 1 drink when:

- Homer says "d'oh"
- Marge groans
- Bart says "Aye Caramba"
- Mr. Burns says "Excellent"
- Maggie sucks on her pacifier
- Homer says "Mmmmm..." (3 drinks if it's over a non-edible object)
- Anyone rolls their eyes (3 drinks if it's an animal)
- Homer burps
- Bart says "Eat my shorts"
- Lisa points out something from another culture
- Homer eats a donut
- The comic book store guy uses sarcasm
- The squiky voiced teenager says anything at all
- Otto Mann says "Alright"
- The Simpsons watch Itchy and Scratchy
- Homer is seen at work
- Chief Wiggum displays his ineptitude at his job
- A teacher reprimands Bart
- A famous movie is referenced
- The Simpsons eat out
- Homer does something completely against the dictates of common sense
- Lisa answers a question in class

Take two drinks when:

- Any of the characters make fun of the Fox network
- Homer has a get rich quick scheme
- Santa's Little Helper licks someone
- Maggie sucks on anything that is not her pacifer
- The cat is talked about by name
- Marge's hair is used for physical comedy
- Milhouse says something geeky
- Professor Fink is on the show
- Homer is seen at work actually working
- Principal Skinner makes a 'Nam reference
- Bart says "Don't have a cow, man"
- Homer is seriously injured
- Bart scores higher than an "F" on any school work
- Grounds Keeper Willy is shown in a kilt
- Anyone has a flashback
- Bart gets beat up by bullies
- Smithers says anything even remotely gay
- The Mexican bee-man shows up
- Maggie is totally left out of an episode
- Lenny is in a scene without Carl and vice versa
- Snake (the criminal guy) robs someone
- Homer lusts after someone
- Homer has a rediculous dream

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