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There is a full time dealer in this game. The dealer asks each person at the table questions. If they are correct, then they give drinks, if they are incorrect, then they take drinks.

1 - "Smoke or fire?" Smoke is, of course, black cards, and fire is red cards. The player guesses and then receives a card face up in front of them. This is worth 2 drinks

2 - "Higher or lower?" This is a guess of whether or not the next card is higher or lower than the first one. This is worth 4 drinks. In the event that the new card matches the original, then it is give 2 take 2.

3 - "Outside or in between?" This is a guess of whether the next card will be outside the previous 2 cards or inbetween them. This is worth 6 drinks. In the event that the new card matches one of the original 2, then it is give 3, take 3.

4 - "Pick a suit." This is self-explanitory. This is worth 8 drinks.

Now everyone should have 4 cards in front of them. This game finishes with a small game of up the river, down the river.

Deal 2 rows of 4 cards each face down and then place one more card face down at the top of the set of rows. The right row is give, the left row is take. The first cards are worth 2 drinks, the second is worth 4 drinks, the third is worth 6 drinks and the 4th row is worth 8 drinks. The top card is worth half a beer. When a card is flipped over if people have it, then they get to either give or take drinks, depending on the row. If no one at the table has the face up card in their hand, then another card is placed on top of it from the deck until someone has a matching card.

This game doesn't take long, but it condenses a lot of drinking into a short period of time.
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