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The object of 'slow boat to china' is laughing at already-drunk people who JUST DON'T GET IT.

If two of ten players already know the key, that's perfect. Any more than about 10 people total playing, and the game gets out of hand, as drunks are easily distracted.

The first person starts out by saying 'If I were to take a slow boat to China, I'd take a [blank] with me.' The word has to be a noun, and that first person doesn't drink.

The next person says 'If I were to take a slow boat to China, I'd take a [blank] with me.' The word that next person chooses must start with the last letter that the word the first person chose. For instance, if the first person took a doG, the next person could take a Goat and not drink, but a Suitcase wouldn't do the trick, and that person would drink and pass the turn.

As people figure it out (or if NO one figures it out), the game loses its luster, but until then, the potential exists for three or four beers to be consumed in half an hour. Not a bad buzz for most people.

Cheers on your way to the Orient!

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Added: 2002-12-30

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