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This game is a cross between Beirut and Beer Die, and is a 1-on-1 game. You need 2 ping pong balls, 2 beirut cups, 2 water cups, and a lot of beer (or your drink of choice).

Players shoot (odds/evens) for serve (best of 3). Fill cups with beer. Each player may move this cup anywhere on their side of the table, as long as it is prior to the other player taking their first shot.

Each player shoots both balls. Scoring is as follows:

Plink: 1 drink - 1 pt Sink: Drink half the cup - 2 pts Double sink: Chug and refill - 4 pts Airball: Shooter drinks

When beer level gets to the bottom "line" on the cup...refill.

Game is played until a player reaches 15 pts. The other player then has rebuttals: sudden death to reach 15 pts (airball = game over).

If the player reaches 15 points, Overtime is played.


The player who reached 15 pts first in regulation, can go first in OT or defer.

OT is a "Sudden death: Best of 2 shots" situation. If no winner is reached, this is repeated until a winner is had.

You will drink a lot in this game. Going through 2-3 beers in regulation is not uncommon. The game also moves very quickly, which allows more people to get on the table over the course of the night.

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