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First, you need to buy a 72oz trucker cup from your local gas station and name it Loco.
Fill it up with one of the following
1) a bottle of jack and any chaser of your choice.
2) Beer! But you've gotta chug it so it doesn't go flat.
3) Your personal favorite choice drink.

Rules: Loco may never be left unattended... ever....
Any time someone says "LOCO" you must start to chug. Stop chugging when you need to come back up for breath.
You must refill the Loco at least 3 times before the game can end.

Optional Rules: If someone pukes they are in no way exempt from the game. Puke and rally asshole!
The Loco cup must be passed around in a a circle, the circle can NEVER be broken. For example, Ryan starts, passes it to Kyle, who passes it to Barrett who passes it to Tyler who passes it to Ryan. If you pass it to the wrong person, you gotta drink.
The waterfall effect. Instead of refilling everytime its empty, anyone can pour a drink into the Loco at any time. This is not recommended, because you can end up with some nasty concoction in the Loco, and there's no pouring the Loco out.

Final note: respect the Loco

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Category: Endurance
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Added: 2008-08-28

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