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Place a deck of card around a large glass in the center of a table. Have all the players sit around the table and start pulling cards! Just follow the directions:

Ace- Waterfall (the person who pick this card drinks for as long as they want and the person next to them has to keep drinking until they put their glass down and it continue around the circle)
2- For You (you get to pick someone to drink)
3-For Me (you have to drink)
4-Touch the Floor (last person to touch the floor drinks)
5- For the Guy (guys drink)
6- For the Chicks
7-To Heaven (last person to raise their hand drinks)
8-Rotate (switch directions of choosing cards)
9- Rhyme (person who drew the card says a word and everyone has to say a rhyming word first person to not say one or mess up drinks)
10- Categories (person who draws the card picks something like “states” you would say “California” the first person to repeat one or mess up drinks)
Jack-Rules (the person who draws this gets to make up any rule for example “any time Amy laughs everyone else drinks”)
Queen-Question (keep asking questions that semi make sense together, and the first person to answer or mess up, drinks!)
King- the first second and third people who draw the king put a drink into the middle glass the person who picks the fourth king puts his drink in and finishes off the other three. That’s when the game ends.

I know there are a lot of rules but if you follow them the game is a lot of fun and o get pretty wasted in the process!
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