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Begin by putting your copy of Labyrinth into your VCR or DVD player and pressing the Play button. The game starts when the music begins. Every time one of the listed events occurs, everyone takes a sip of their drink. I really don't recommend chugging a whole glass, especially if you're using alcohol. You'll be piss drunk before Jareth even says, "What a pity." But when I played I was wasted with a half hour left in the movie.

Drink whenever:

- Sarah says, "You have no power over me!"
- Sarah whines.
- Sarah cries, "It's not fair!" Drink twice if someone other than Sarah says it.
- Sarah gets cocky.
- Sarah gets that "Oh Shit!" look on her face.
- Sarah meets a totally useless Labyrinth creature or creatures.
- Sarah takes something for granted. Drink twice if Sarah does something clever without any help.

- Jareth makes a really impressive entrance.
- Jareth changes clothes. Drink twice if he's wearing all white.
- Jareth plays with his balls (twirls his crystals...GET YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!).
- Jareth makes a veiled threat.
- You notice Jareth's bulge.
- Drink twice if Jareth displays an emotion other than anger.
- Jareth spontaneously bursts into song. Drink twice if it's not about Sarah.
- Jareth gloats.

- Hoggle grumbles.
- Someone screws up Hoggle's name. Drink twice if Jareth DOESN'T screw up his name.
- Hoggle changes loyalties.
- Hoggle grovels.
- Hoggle indulges in self pity.
- Hoggle makes up a story to cover his butt.
- Drink twice if Hoggle displays selflessness.

- Drink twice if Ludo forms a complete sentance (three words or more).
- Ludo summons the rocks.
- Ludo behaves like a stuffed animal.

- Didymus acts knightly.
- Didymus attacks something he's no match for.
- Drink twice if Didymus admits to meeting his match in battle.
- Drink twice if you hear Didymus' Lone Ranger impersonation.

- There's a gratuitous shot of a clock or a clock appears out of nowhere.
- Drink twice if there's only twelve numbers on its face.
- Someone says, "Things aren't always what they seem in this place", or the like.
- A goblin says something intelligent.
- Drink twice if you hear, "Your Mama's a fraggin' aardvark!"
- Ambrosius cowers and/or flees in terror.
- Toby makes a cute baby noise.
- Drink twice when Toby says "Dada" and burps.
- Drink twice if you can find the milk bottles (hint: watch after the Goblin Battle scene).
- Drink twice for each Labyrinth character's counterpart that you can identify in Sarah's room at the end before they appear "for real". (Ludo, Hoggle, Jareth, Didymus, and a Firey).

The game ends when the Labyrinth characters start dancing around your living room and/or Jareth appears out of nowhere and announces that he's come to take you away (he's commonly mistaken for the designated driver). This is regardless of where you actually are in the movie.

The winner is the last conscious person to put down his drink after each event. Ties are possible, of course.

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