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All you need is a Candyland board and the cards. For the drinks you will need a lot of beer, Jager, and Ice 101. Just like normal Candyland each player takes a card and moves their piece to that color.
Here's what the card's do. 1 drink= 1 sip
red=1 drink
purple=2 drinks
yellow=3 drinks
blue=4 drinks
orange=5 drinks
green=6 drinks
When you get a card with two of the same color drink times 2 For example 2 yellow 2x3=6 drinks.
If you land and use the rainbow trail= 10 seconds of chugging a beer.
If you land and use Gumdrop path then you have to chug a beer for 5 seconds.
Now here's some hard shit.
When you draw a special card such as the peppermint or lollipop then have to do a shot of Ice 101.
If you land on Licorice then a shot of Jager.

On the last square the first person to get there has to chug a quater of a beer.
2nd place chugs half a beer
3rd chugs 3/4 of a beer.
The loser or fourth place has to chug a whole beer.
If there is less than four people playing you can modidfiy the last spot. For instance if only two people playing then first place chugs only a half of beer.
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