Drinking Game: Throw the Jew Down the Well Add to My Games
Deal out ten cards face down, this is the well. Then deal the rest of the cards to all players. Flip the top card of the well over. The player to the left of the dealer has to put a card down that is either one higher or lower than the face up card or a card of the same color but opposite suit(heart on diamond, club on spade, etc.). Every time a diamond is played there is a social. Players continue putting down cards going in clockwise order. When someone can't play a card they are the "Jew". The Jew is in the well. The Jew from last time looks at the top card of the well and tells the Jew whether it is higher or lower than the face up card. Then the Jew guesses what the card is and must take a drink for number off the guess is. The Jew only gets out of the well if they guess correctly or go through the well. For the next hand the Jew is the dealer.
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Added: 2008-08-28

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