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Ok this is difficult to explain, so ill do a sort of script at
the end. but all you need is alcohol and people. To put it
simply everyones name is bruce to start of with and your
all in a circle of sum description and the 1st person says
"good day bruce" to the person next to them, that 2nd
person says "good day bruce" back to the 1st person, the
1st person will then say "say good day to bruce bruce".
the 2nd person will then say "good day bruce" the third
person, and so on. If someone mucks up then they have
to drink and their name changes to whatever your
drunken head want, this makes it more confusing as you
get more drunk. confusing i know heres the script, as if
there were 4 people:

1st Person: Good Day Bruce
2nd Person: Good Day Bruce
1st Person: Say Good Day to Bruce, Bruce
2nd Person: (to 3rd): Good Day Bruce
3rd Person: Good Day Bruce
2nd Person: Say Good Day to Bruce Bruce
3rd Person (to 4th): Good Day Bruce
4th Person: What are we doing? (WRONG)
3rd Person: ahhhh you mucked up, now drink
4th Person: *DRINKS*
3rd Person: Ok your now called (insert name here)
4th Person (to 1st): Good Day Bruce
1st Person: Good Day (insert name here)
4th Person: Say good day to bruce bruce
and so on.

each time someone mucks up their name is changed and
they have to drink, this starts to make it very confusing
and funnier especially when you think of funny names.
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