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You play with a full deck of cards, 4 or more people, at least a 30 pack, and 1 cup.
Place the cup in the middle of the table and then make a circle around the cup with the cards face down. Each person takes turns picking a card and doing what the rule is for the card.

2- Fuck you (pick someone else to drink)
3- Fuck Me (You drink)
4- Whores (Chicks drink)
5- Category (Pick a category, like types of beers, then go around the table till some one is unable to name a new one. The person who can’t name a new object in that category has to drink.)
6. Dicks (Guys drinks)
7. Social (Everyone Drinks)
8. I never (Say something you have never done and if someone has they drink)
9. Bust-A-Rime (Start a rime around the table and whoever can’t go on drinks)
10. Thumb Mater (You have to the power to place your thumb on the table whenever you what. Last person who does not fallow you drinks. Once the next 10 in drawn they become thumb master.)
J. Make a Rule (List of possible rules are show below)
Q. Partner (Chose a partner. Every time you drink they also have to drink.)
K. King Cup (First three people to draw a king poor some of their drink into the middle. The person who draws the forth king has to finish what is in the cup.)
A. Waterfalls (Person who drew the card starts drinking. The person to their left can’t stop drinking till the person on their right stops and it goes down the line.)

Possible Rules that can be put into effect.
Little Green Man, No Cussing, No Getting Up, No Pointing, No Names, No “You”, No Drink, Drank, or Drunk, No Eye Contact, Nicknames, No Cell Phones, No Using Turn, Accents, Magnetic Beer, Pirate Voices, ect.

Possible Games that can be used for one of the Cards.
Left/Right, Dare, Debate, Racial Time, Heaven, Strip, Football, Touchdown Dance, Questions, Spin the quarter, Movie Lines, Shots, Drunk Dialing, RoShamBo, Beer-Bong.

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