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Use hard liquor for best results, as this game does, unfortunately, involve watching "Spice World". Play in a group of at least 5 people. Everyone chooses to "be" one of the Spice Sluts...er, Girls, and does a shot every time "their" Girl does the following:

Baby Spice: sucks on a lollypop, tosses her pigtails, cries/looks like she is about to cry, makes a pouty-face.

Scary Spice: Makes a scary face, says "Grrr!", gets angry/upset, talks about feminism, close-up of her boots.

Sporty Spice: shows her tattoos, lifts weights, uses exercise bike.

Posh Spice: discusses shoes, discusses clothes/clothing designers, cannot decide what to wear, hikes up her skirt, close-up of her shoes.

Ginger Spice: talks about sex, wears an unusual slutty outfit (ie, has feathers or lots of sequins).

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